The Team

We’re super excited to bring robotics to UTM and present the executive team to you!

Kyrel Jerome


Hi! I’m Kyrel, a fourth year computer science student, and this year I’ll be President of the UTM Robotics club. Also a mentor for multiple FIRST robotics teams, I am particularly interested in computer vision, simulated modelling, and path planning. We’re all extremely excited to bring new robotics opportunities to UTM!

Laura M Madrid


Hey Everyone, my name is Laura and I’m a second year computer science student and the VP Events Coordinator of UTM Robotics! I find soldering relaxing and I really enjoy working on projects that are fun and can help others! I also like to play soccer in my spare time! Feel free to reach out!

Ibraheem Andejani


I’m Ibraheem, a third year physics major with minors in math and comp sci! I’ll be acting as the new communications officer. I hope that the robotics club will help make your 2020 a bit more bearable! My interests include particle and nuclear physics, hopefully becoming a professor one day.

Parth Patel


Hello My name is Parth, I am an incoming Computer Science Specialist sophomore here at UTM. This year I am your new VP Project Coordinator at UTM Robotics. Outside of my studies I spend my time tinkering with Robots and writing automation scripts. I am also an amateur Aerial Photographer and I enjoy watching Formula 1.

Tasnim Reza


Hey guys! My name is Tasnim Reza, and I’ll be your VP of Finance this year. I am a Computer Science major, with minors in Chemistry and Physics. As an avid hackathon enthusiast, I enjoy all things involving innovation, automation, and AI. I’m super excited to help get more people involved in the robotics field at UTM!