We're hosting elections!

As the year is coming to a close, we will need new members to step up and lead the club in the next fall term. The first week of our election cycle will be the nomination period. If you would like to apply to be an exec member of the club, please send in your nomination to our CRO at fayez.habach@mail.utoronto.ca by Sunday March 29 at 11:59pm.

In your nomination application, you will need to provide the following:

  • Full Name
  • Student Number
  • School email
  • A short statement (maximum 100 words) on why you would make a good candidate for the role. This statement will be included on the ballot.

Available positions (along with their respective responsibilities) are listed below:

Club President

  • Oversee club operations and planning at a high level, ensuring that it is achieving its purpose
  • Oversee major decisions in club member structure, finance, communication, event planning, and project planning.
  • Complete and attending all UTMSU required forms and meetings (ex. re-recognition, u-life, CCR)
  • Communicate and coordinate with the computer science department and the robotics faculty professors
  • Communicate and coordinate with MCSS and any other student clubs or societies
  • Organize exec meetings

VP - Finance

  • Secure funding for the club via contacting potential sponsors, organizing fundraisers and communicating with the Computer Science department
  • Oversee and tracking all purchases made on the club's behalf
  • Complete the UTMSU fall and winter audits
  • Manage the club's bank account

VP- Communications

  • Oversee the advertising of the club to the university's student body
  • Manage the club's mailing list, slack group, social media accounts and website
  • Keep members updated on events and projects
  • Work with the Finance VP to maintain communication channels with potential sponsors
  • Work with the President to facilitate interactions with other clubs and organizations inside and outside of UTM
  • Take minutes during meetings

VP - Events Coordinator

  • Assist event presenters plan and execute club events.
  • Oversee event logistics, such as booking appropriate rooms at appropriate times and working with the VP of Finance to manage any expenses involved
  • Help organizing joint activities with other organizations, such as UTMSU, MCSS, or other clubs and societies.
  • Plan an annual Robotics Professor Q&A event
  • Oversee tabling during UTMSU's Welcome Week and Frost Week

VP - Projects Coordinator

  • Assist project leads plan and execute club projects
  • Ensure all project resources required are available
  • Oversee the club's github organization
  • Oversee weekly drop-ins where club members can work on ongoing projects or start new ones