We're hosting elections! We have two candidates running for the Events Coordinator position! Please cast your vote for one of them here. Please note that you must be a registered member of the club to vote, as of April 5th, 2020. The election will end on April 10th, 2020 at 11:59pm.

For more information about the candidates, please read their nomination statements:

Taznim Reza

My name is Tasnim, and I’m running for the position of VP- Events Coordinator. I’m incredibly passionate about robotics, and have been working with the field for the past 4 years! I have experience being the Mechanical Team Captain for my FRC robotics team, a member of multiple Hackathons, and I am also an Executive Team Member of UofTHacks.

As the VP- Events Coordinator, I would love to help organize events which would not only introduce students to the field of robotics, but encourage them to pursue it! I also believe that UTM students deserve more networking opportunities to speak with tech companies, and would love to be work alongside these companies to organize events and workshops where students are able to further their careers. I truly believe that the robotics field has so much potential at UTM, and I would love to help it grow! Vote for me so we can further the potential of our club! Thank you.


Laura Maldonado

I am currently a first year student who took part in the robotics club this year. I took robotics courses as part of my extracurriculars in high school and this is actually the topic that got me to pursue Computer Science in University. I currently plan to pursue a mix of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence throughout my years in university and truly believe that this club can help be strengthen my knowledge in these areas.

I love connecting with others and believe that I would be fit for the Events Coordinator position. During my summer Internship at Microsoft, as a Product Marketing Manager Intern, I learned many valuable skills like collaborating with others to materialize great ideas, and learned to speak in front of 500 people to introduce the app that we did with my colleagues. I hope that I can bring these skills to the robotics clubs, to work with other organizations like the HackLab, WISC, Icube, Academia, and any collaborators that I can find through my past experiences. I would be happy to work with these societies to really bring Robotics to UTM, especially with the start of the Robotics institute!

Have a great day,

Laura Maldonado

Unfilled positions (along with their respective responsibilities) are listed below:

VP - Finance

  • Secure funding for the club via contacting potential sponsors, organizing fundraisers and communicating with the Computer Science department
  • Oversee and tracking all purchases made on the club's behalf
  • Complete the UTMSU fall and winter audits
  • Manage the club's bank account

VP - Projects Coordinator

  • Assist project leads plan and execute club projects
  • Ensure all project resources required are available
  • Oversee the club's github organization
  • Oversee weekly drop-ins where club members can work on ongoing projects or start new ones